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Ametek HDR Manufacturer Represented

Ametek HDR makes a power control products, including: fusible panel boards, power control systems, power supplies and SCR Power Controls.



Headquartered in Columbus, OH, AMETEK HDR is a recognized world class manufacturer of electronic equipment for specific markets and special applications. Our SCR Power Controls are high quality, industrial grade products designed to operate reliably for many years in process environments. click picOur custom engineered equipment and expert staff are dedicated to providing results in faster manufacturing times with fewer revisions and less rework than any other supplier in this industry.

HDR application engineers have over 50 years of combined experience in the power controls industry. They have encountered and solved a variety of technical problems involving process power distribution, harmonics filtering and power factor corrections. With an accomplished 24/7 Service and Technical Support team, HDR invites you to “Discover the advantages of doing business with AMETEK HDR Power Systems for yourself, and find out why they are called “The Preferred Source.”

With our unique position as a division within the AMETEK corporation we are leverage many different advantages to serve our clients, including:

Large vendor basebuying group supplying Ametek's multiple divisions enabling lower cost and greater availability of base components.

Ability to leverage wordwide install base and relationships to assist customers to meet inernational compliance and market thier products worldwide.

Financially stable company that is able and committed to provide long term services and partnership.

Meet recognized quality standards with a track record of high quality, reliability, backwards compatibility and state of the art technology

Wide range of solutions and products with Good, Better, Best platform to provide flexibility in supporting multiple tiered customer base

Unmatched pre- and post- sales services helping customers with specifications and product definitions; and to minimize or eliminate downtime with inside and field technical support world wide.

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