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Wallace & Tiernan® Systems have been a premier provider of gas chlorination, disinfection and click picchemical dosing systems and packages for over a century.

  • Armored Flow Meters
  • Direct View Flow Meters
  • Purge Meters
  • Rotometers
  • Variable Area Flow Meters

ABOUT Wallace & Tiernan:

​As part of Evoqua Water Technologies, we're way the world disinfects water through an extensive portfolio and knowledge that is designed to help the demands of engineers, industries and municipalities in virtually any water application.

We are the premier provider of total disinfection and chemical dosing solutions. Our extensive portfolio, which includes the trusted Wallace & Tiernan and Stranco brands, is designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any water application and give you access to both the latest advances and widest range of proven technologies.

Safeguarding aquatic installations has been a leading promise for Wallace & Tiernan® Systems since the 1920’s, with water so clear, pure and safe to bathe in our customers coined the phrase “Swim in Drinking Water” ​Technologies are designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any aquatic application, such as disinfecting water in municipal pool and leisure facilities, fountains, water features and recreational or theme parks. With various disinfection technologies and new regulations to consider, choosing the right disinfection solution can be a daunting task without an expert guide.

Evoqua Water Technologies draws on over 50,000 installations worldwide and over a century of experience to provide products, systems and solutions to meet the regulatory and capacity challenges in both water and wastewater disinfection markets.

The Wallace and Tiernan® product range includes gas chlorination, on-site hypochlorite generation, UV, liquid feed, chemical induction, and chlorine residual monitoring installations. Our technical experts have solved thousands of disinfection challenges.

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